Devils Tower


Tipi Camping

There are a total of six tipis for rent:  three 14' which each sleep up to four adults comfortably and three 16' which can sleep up to eight - ten people of various sizes.  Each tipi has a camp stove, three gallons of water, coffee fixing things, a propane lantern as well as a solar lantern and are $50 a night for the 14' and $75 a night for the 16'.  

Sleeping places (pad, sheets, blankets and pillows) are available for a $10 payable on arrival.  Please ask about availability!!

Additionally, there is a wall tent available for $50 if the wind has not taken it down.  Ask before booking.    

There is an outdoor solar shower, a very clean portapotty and a one-room school house on the property.  There are a number of cafes (Tower View is just next door) and restaurants in the area as well as two museums in Hulett. Highly recommend Rogues Gallery as a place to visit!  Climbing the Tower is available through BuckWild Climbing Guides or Devils Tower Climbing.